About Us

About Us

Manjunatha Thyagaraj

Farmer | CoFounder

Ex-monster, HackerEarth,and  Otomeyt. Part of leadership team in two startups. Built core teams from scratch, drafted GTMs and driven  revenues

Shyamal Das

Farmer | CoFounder

Ex-Sodexo and Spencer’s

Spent 12 years in  corporate supply chain, is now  Farmer by choice and study  various aspects of farming

Srinivas Shekhar

Manager Farmers Network

A farmer, well connected in th farmers  network and local panchayats. Visionary in agriculture ecosystems Worked in corporates 5 years 

Pavan Kumar

Community Manager

I teach farming. Solving life sustainability  problems, understanding the food cycle  made me realize how much impact we can create by  solving the problems in farming.

Pratibha Shetty

Business Operations

Ex-Ebay, PaySense and Byjus. Been part of operations & support functions in early and growth stage startups.Worked across finance,  ecommerce and edtech sectors