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The Agri Pro Culture

Young indian farmer at field

Value for farmers and farmer groups

  • Access to farming partner & investors
  • Capital in the form of farm supplies and facilities
  • Access to seeds
  • Easy return models
  • Access to buyers and good price
  • Farming consultation by experts

Value for farming partners and brands

A great opportunity to support Indian farmers and agricultural eco system in India

Guaranteed return on investment model

A complete transparency on produce, farmers and demand demands

Access to subscription models – you buy the lump sum produce (any) at wholesale price

Value for off taker or buyer

  • Access to lump sum produce (natural farming) from farming land
  • Manage your demand and supply by working with our farmers
  • Renfed’s experts work with farmers from seed to harvest
  • Assured quality and standards
  • You’re helping us create sustainable support system for Indian farmers

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